Introducing StandardAlarm.com
StandardAlarm.com enables you to always maintain control of your security system and your property

Traditional security systems are only as powerful as the owner's understanding of the complex alpha-numeric keypads that are installed with them. If the owner would like to manage the property remotely, only a limited capability is provided via the telephone.

Monitor and control your Alarm.com security system through the web.
The StandardAlarm.com solution makes taking control of your security system as easy as using the Web. If the property owner knows how to use the Web, and has succeeded in buying a book or plane ticket online, then the StandardAlarm.com system will require no training or complex user manuals. StandardAlarm.com technology was designed with today's Internet lifestyle in mind. Using an intuitive Web interface, it is easy for the property owner to arm/disarm the system remotely, check the event history for the property, set up new User IDs, set light or thermostat schedules, and even set up various types of notification alerts. And since the system is easily controlled via the Web, the property owner can control the system from work or a second home, while on vacation, or from virtually anywhere.

StandardAlarm.com allows you to always know what is happening at your property

Traditional security systems only provide security and peace of mind when they are armed. But most property owners only arm their security systems when nobody is home or when they are going out of town. After a couple of false alarms, some owners simply stop arming their systems entirely. A StandardAlarm.com system provides security and peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering valuable information to the property owner even when their system is disarmed.

One of key capabilities of a StandardAlarm.com system is Normal Activity Monitoring. By using Normal Activity Monitoring, a property owner can know what is going on at their property all of the time - whether the system is armed or disarmed. StandardAlarm.com tracks every sensor event at the property including all door openings and closings, and all motion activity. The property owner can then view event history online or set up email or phone notifications for certain types of events that are of interest.

This tracking, reporting, and alerting capability gives the property owner the ability to know at any time what is happening at the property, without the cost, complications, or privacy compromises associated with installing video cameras everywhere. It is easy to constantly monitor a sensitive area of the property, check when the housekeeper leaves, or keep an eye on the swimming pool from your office. Normal Activity Monitoring provides more than security, it provides constant awareness and peace of mind.

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