A New Standard in Residential Security
The Bosch 6000 Series Security Controls
The 6000 Series controls offer the right level of security for your home with the features you need now and room to grow for tomorrow.

You can't risk your security. You need the best. The 6000 Series security panels provide control and communication functions with the best features and the best value. Backed by factorytrained professionals and installed by only the finest security experts in the industry, the 6000 Series panels are sure to provide the right level of security.


The Bosch D6412 & D4412 Control Panels

Eight on-board points
Eight programmable scheduled events
Wireless functions
Up to 32 users with optional key fob operation
Four programmable authority levels
(Two for the for the D4412)
Up to 40 points in any combination of wired or wireless
(Up to 24 points for the D4412)

The 6000 Series D6412 Control Panel has up to 40 detection points and the D4412 has up to 24 detection points to monitor doors, windows, inventory and showrooms, as well as security devices. Each user can have a personalized passcode to turn the system on or off, or to silence alarms. Users can also have a wireless key fob to turn on the system from a parking area or to turn off the system when carrying items. The control panel provides control and communication functions to easily: view system status, silence alarms, turn the system on and off, and control functions such as lighting and heating.

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