Residential Solutions
A new standard in residential security. Protect your home and loved ones with the Bosch 6000 Series.

Commercial Solutions
Safeguard your business with the best security and surveillance systems from Bosch.

Intstitutional Solutions
Protect schools, houses of worship, hospitals and other institutions.

Free Monitoring Program
Earn 3 months free monitoring by referring a friend or neighbor. If the person you refer purchases a security system with monitoring service, you get 3 months monitoring FREE. There is no limit to the amount free monitoring you can earn.

Maintenance Plans
We offer money saving maintenance plans for many of the products we carry. Including fire systems, intrusion systems, CCTV and access control. Contact us today for details.

Online Account Access
From our website you can access your account information, view recent activity and take your system out of service for testing. If you subscribe to StandardAlarm.com, you can actually control your alarm system from anywhere in the world.

Activity Reports
As an option, you may choose to receive daily, weekly or monthly reports. You can receive these by the U.S. Postal Service, fax or email.

System Testing
To ensure your security system is communicating with our monitoring station, please remember to test your system at least once per week.

Monitoring Services
Through Rapid Response Monitoring, we offer central station monitoring services that are second to none. Our courteous and professional employees constantly watch your home or business, and continue to have the fastest response times in the industry.

Secure, Wireless System - Our systems do not require a phone line or any other wired communication channel to transmit signals between the customer's control panel and the StandardAlarm.com Network Operations Center. Even if a phone line is cut during a break-in, signals will be sent to StandardAlarm.com and can be forwarded to a Central Station for alarm verification and if necessary, police or fire department dispatch. This also provides our customers complete flexibility on what type of phone service they use without compromising their security system. Thinking of using VoIP phone service, or maybe using cell phones exclusively? No problem with Standard Alarm's Advanced Security.

AES-IntellliNet wireless mesh network utilizes the following principles: There is a remote transceiver used to monitor or control a device such as an alarm panel. Each transceiver relays its data in distances measured in miles, to the central receiver via radio transmission. If the transceiver is too far to reach the central receiver directly, it simply hops the data to the next closest transceiver and that transceiver relays it to the central receiver or to the next closest transceiver to the central receiver. The Central Receiver relays the data to alarm automation software for processing. If data can not be relayed via one route, the mesh network automatically selects the next best route from a choice of up to 8 available routes at any given time. The network dynamically and automatically adapts to changes in the network caused by weather changes, obstruction changes, the addition or subtraction of other transceivers in the network, etc. so that it is highly redundant and reliable.

Rapid Response Monitoring knows that it is not only your business you are entrusting to us: Dealers are actually entrusting us with the lives and well-being of their customers. We value that very highly, taking every measure to ensure that nothing will endanger that confidence. Every contingency is accounted for, every crisis anticipated, because we never forget the importance of our commitment to you, your customers, or the lives and property they trust us to protect.

The VideofiedTM Copper Theft Kit is a cost-effective wireless video security system that needs no AC power or internet, or phone lines. Outdoor cameras secure electrical infrastructure, roof-top air conditioners, cables, and building materials. Indoor cameras secure copper plumbing and wiring. The copper theft kit is a video security system designed to apprehend the perpetrators, not just see them in yesterday's video recordings on a DVR.

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